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Recover data from damaged or formatted VMFS disks or VMDK files
Recover data from damaged or formatted VMFS disks or VMDK files
Last updated: Jun 27, 2023

What is VHDX Files and How to Mount Them on Windows

Here you will find out:

  • what is a VHDX file
  • VHDX file usage area
  • how to mount VHDX files on Windows?

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What is a VHDX file?

VHDX is a semi-open file format that simulates a virtual hard disk. This file format is currently the newest, replacing the VHD format. Microsoft controls VHD/VHDX, but the formats are available for free use by all users. All VHDX specifications do not differ much from those of a physical hard drive, SSD, etc. In VHDX format, there is such a thing as block size. Essentially, these are certain areas that a dynamically expanding disk will grow into. This will happen over time, as the disk needs to grow to accommodate more data. The block size can only be set during VM creation and, for a fixed disk, this value is always 0.

In general, there is a default block size of 32 megabytes. That is, if there is not enough free space, the VHDX driver will allocate an additional 32 megabytes to the VHDX and execute the write procedure, etc., until the write is completely successful. For Linux systems, it is better to use a block size of 1 megabyte to load the disk with information more efficiently. To keep you happy with storage performance, increasing the number of array drives/SSDs is a great option. In this case, you should not be afraid of disk defragmentation.

VHDX file usage area

The possibility of using VHDX is entirely dependent on the operating system that manages the file. After connecting the VHDX, it looks and is characterized by the operating system like any other disk. If Hyper-V VHDX, then this is the guest operating system. If the VHDX is mounted on Windows 10, then this OS will fully handle this. In addition, Windows 8+ or Windows Server 2012+ can also easily open and manage VHDX files.

VHDX and Windows 7

Windows 7 and earlier versions do not contain the VHDX driver, so the windows 7 VHDX mount is impossible. These operating systems are configured to work with VHD format only.

How to mount VHDX files on Windows?

You can mount VHDX files in the professional VMFS Recovery application, and if you need to recover files, try this application as well. This utility makes recovery complex and automatic, thanks to the step-by-step recovery wizard. Thus, even amateurs and beginners can easily use this application. The function of free viewing of files found by the program is always available for you; buying a license after that will be a thoughtful and deliberate step.

Instructions on VHD file recovery using VMFS Recovery:

1. Open the utility after the download and installation is complete. Connect via SSH (or skip this step if this connection is not required).

2. Open your drive or SSH drive.

3. The scanning process may take some time, but please wait for it to complete. Then find the required VMDK files. Now, you can start mounting them.

4. Once this procedure is completed, open and use the free preview function.

5. Purchasing a data export license is the last and optional step! If you need the found files, purchase a license, and save the data anywhere.

Good luck and patience in your endeavors!

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