MySQL Recovery
Undelete and repair MySQL database
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MySQL RecoveryUndelete and repair MySQL database
Last updated: Sep 18, 2021

MySQL Recovery Software

DiskInternals MySQL Recovery is the best and most advanced MySQL database recovery tool.

Do you have an inaccessible, damaged or deleted database? You can safely restore it with MySQL Recovery!

DiskInternals MySQL Recovery software works with MySQL databases created on Windows, Linux, and Mac (HFS only).

Benefits of DiskInternals MySQL Recovery

MySQL Recovery by DiskInternals has more and better features than other similar programs.

Just check this list and see how great it is:

  • Restore MySQL databases in MyISAM and InnoDB formats. If MyISAM or InnoDB tables are damaged, they can be restored with MySQL Recovery.
  • Two MySQL database recovery modes:
  • “Repair existing database” mode: when .mdf, .ibd, .frm, ibdata1 files cannot be opened with the server due to corruption.
  • “Recover database from disk” mode: retrieve deleted database files from the disk.
  • Undeletes database files from +UFS, ReiserFS, and Reiser4 file systems.
  • Multiple export modes for restored databases, including:
  • Via server connection, using ODBC drivers.
  • SQL files that contain commands for creation of tables, keyfields and commands for inserting rows in a table.
  • A free trial version is always available. It has the same features as the paid version, except that you cannot save the found data.
  • Preview databases of .myd or .innodb formats in the free trial version.
  • MySQL versions 3.19 - 8.0 are supported.
  • MySQL authentication is supported.
  • MySQL Recovery support file system as NTFS, ReFS, UFS, exFAT, FAT, RomFS(reader), HFS, Ext2/3/4, ReiserFS, XFS, Reiser4.

MySQL data recovery software as a repair tool

You can perform MySQL recovery database from files of any complexity.

DiskInternals MySQL Recovery supports MySQL database recovery created on multiple OSs (Linux, Mac, etc.).

With MySQL Recovery, you can open multiple databases at the same time without long loading times.

Preview is available for all database types except BIT.


  • Blob preview is available for pictures, text and office documents.


  • Large blobs can be linked as external files.
  • MySQL Recovery supports all national character sets, as well as the Unicode table.

In other words, DiskInternals MySQL Recovery is the key to success!

MySQL data recovery: easier than you can imagine!

Be sure, this awesome tool is as easy to use as MySQL database recovery can be.

As soon as you download the program, launch it.

The recovery wizard, which will appear instantly, will give you a choice of several options:

  • restore the existing database
  • restore the deleted database file from the disk

Decide on one, click on the appropriate option, and follow the recovery wizard’s steps.

Scanning will be quick and will not keep you waiting.

After scanning, you can preview the restored database by clicking on the table to preview it.

Next, enter the license key into the appropriate window. Now you can export and save the database using the recovery wizard.

Minimal system requirements

OS: Windows 7, 8 or 10


Free space: 60 MB, but you need additional space to save the recovered data. For this, you can use external storage if there is no free space on the computer.

Frequently Asked Questions

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FREE DOWNLOADVer 4.8, WinBUY NOWFrom $199.95


NTFS - stands for NT File System, the most common file system was created back in 1993 by Microsoft.

FAT, exFAT is one of the simplest and most common file systems for all versions of Windows. FAT12, FAT16, and FAT32 are the most famous of the FAT file systems. and the numbers 12, 16, and 32 refer to the number of bits of the table elements. ExFAT stands for an extensible file allocation table. exists since 2006. It is mainly used for SD cards or USB drives.

ReFS - means the Resilient file system and therefore indicates that it has maximum fault tolerance.

Ext2/3/4 is a file system for Linux, all of its versions, except Ext2, are journaling.

UFS(Universal Flash Storage) - a file system for modern digital devices.

HFS Plus is Apple's journaling file system for Mac OS.

ReiserFS, Reiser4 - journaled file systems for LINUX. Created by Namesys in 2001 and 2004, respectively.

XFS is a high-performance and highly scalable 64-bit log file system. Used for the LINUX kernel.

RomFS - a file system without special privileges and functions, designed to be read.

.mdf files are the files where the SQL Server database is located. They contain columns, rows, indexes, tables, and important database configuration data.

ibd files are the MySQL database tablespace file where the tables that make up the database are stored.

ibdata1 - this file is a proprietary tablespace that contains several InnoDB tables and associated indexes.