DVR Recovery™
Recovery of video recordings from corrupted, erased or healthy Dahua and HikVision NVR
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DVR Recovery™Recovery of video recordings from corrupted, erased or healthy Dahua and HikVision NVR
Last updated: Mar 23, 2022

How to perform secure DVR Recovery

DiskInternals DVR Recovery™ is CCTV DVR data recovery software. With DVR Recovery™ you get video and metadata, which can be used for digital forensic investigations. DVR Recovery™ can be used for recovering video recordings directly from CCTV DVR HDDs or SD cards; no passwords are required to recover deleted or overwritten recordings.

DVR data recovery is a special process, which requires special DVR recovery tools. Thus it’s important to have high-quality DVR recovery software such as DiskInternals DVR Recovery to recover the vast majority of deleted CCTV video records.

Countless hours of video footage can be restored by this CCTV data recovery software. Imagine having important footage of a crime that gets accidentally deleted.

DVR recovery software

  • Direct Access to DVR Hard Drive or SD Card

DiskInternals DVR Recovery™ is able to recover data straight from malfunctioning systems and bypasses any system passwords. This makes DVR Recovery™ a must for forensic investigations.

When it comes to DVR data recovery, direct access is an important feature to have.

  • Auto-detection of DVR Filesystem

DVR Recovery™ automatically detects the file system of CCTV DVR hard drives or SD cards. This means that you don’t really need to know the details about the DVR for data recovery; the software will automatically detect the filesystem and all necessary parameters.

  • Supported DVR Recorders

HikVision, HikVision NVR, HikVision NAS, HikVision NVR NAS.

Dahua, Dahua NVR, DHFS (Dahua File System), DHFS over ISCSI

  • Scanning of 100% Data Is Here

DVR Recovery™ scans all available data and recovers found recordings. Sorting and filtering are possible. This makes it easy to identify the video clip you need. The sorting and filtering tools make this DVR video recovery software easy to use.

  • Correction of Timestamps

DVR Recovery™ lets you correct the date and time of recovered videos for your convenience.

  • Preview of Found Clips and Recordings

DVR Recovery™ has a built-in video player, which presents found video clips and recordings to allow the easy location of a scene. Thumbnail preview is also available.

  • Export of Recovered Video

DVR Recovery™ offers various options for exporting recovered DVR videos while keeping the original data intact — this is essential for forensic usage.

Step-by-Step Guide to DVR Video Recovery Software

Step 1. Download the trial version of DVR Recovery™ from the DiskInternals website. After the software is downloaded, you can move on to installation. The recovery wizard will ask you to select a drive partition so it can scan for deleted files.

DVR Recovery™ doesn't change anything in your CCTV DVR system during the recovery process, so you can safely scan the entire volume.

Step 2. Connect drivers from the DVR recorder to the Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8,7 or XP computer. To provide this connection, you need to take out the drivers and attach them as external storage devices.

DVR Recovery - select the disk.

You can also mount the image of a drive without actually connecting it, or create a new virtual partition by clicking on Map Virtual Partitions. For example, if you use NAS storage, you can attach it with the “Mount Wizard” option.

Step 3. Scanning. The software searches for videos and images in h264/h265 format and provides search by signatures, also known as Carving.

DVR Recovery™ shows the progress of the scanning. If you’re not good at waiting, you can make a nice big mug of tea or coffee and have a nice time. This is an automatic DVR data recovery process and here the CCTV DVR data recovery will begin.

Step 4. Preview. The search is done; you can preview all the restorable files in the Explorer-like window.

DVR Recovery - preview the video.

Just select the file (image or video) -> right-click and choose “Preview”. DiskInternals DVR HDD recovery software supports all the usual features of the Explorer, including file search, tree, and folder view; going backward and forward, and show file details. This CCTV footage recovery software will help you browse through all files easily and efficiently.

Step 4. Save the results. To recover files and folders, highlight them and click on the red cross "Recover" from the toolbar or the context menu. In the following window, select the destination and check the box to save the directory structure.

The trial version will allow you to check if the lost files can be recovered or not. To save found videos, you will need to purchase a license for DVR Recovery™ and enter the license key. The registration will allow high-quality export of CCTV data recovery and DVR recovery results.

If the right tool is applied, DVR data recovery becomes easy as one-two-three. The easy-to-follow wizard will put all the advantages of CCTV Camera Data Recovery software under your belt.

Why CCTV fails

Power-related issues

  1. 1. Energy supply line or supply voltage isn't always appropriate;
  1. 2. Electricity isn't sufficient (or there is an excessive amount of voltage attenuation on the cable);
  1. 3. Power supply machine transmission line brief circuit, open circuit, instant overvoltage and so on.

It must be stated that power supply error or instant overvoltage will cause device damage. Therefore, you need to test carefully before looking at energy-related causes.

Connection errors

As there are numerous cable connections at some stage in a surveillance system, flawed connections among primary equipment can be due to an open circuit, quick circuit, and poor line insulation.

In this example, there is a need to examine and troubleshoot to decide which line connection problems are to blame. Similarly, it should be noted that mechanical equipment needs to operate according to longtime running requirements.

CCTV hacker attacks

Cameras can also be hacked into. Often, unprotected cameras can be accessed through their IP address and disabled or moved. Unfortunately, this is a relatively simple process and anyone with the proper hacking experience can do this.

CCTV admin negligence

CCTV cameras can also fail due to administrator negligence. Sometimes, data can be accidentally deleted or hard drives can be overwritten if there are space constraints. That’s why it’s important to have CCTV camera data recovery software in these cases for DVR data recovery needs.

Hard drive failure

Sometimes, CCTVs don’t fail; it’s the hardware behind them that fails. In many cases, there is a hard drive failure, which either causes the video files to get deleted or corrupted. This case is very common and needs urgent DVR data recovery. With DiskInternals DVR hard disk data recovery software, you can get your files back.

Secure Data Recovery

DiskInternals DVR data recovery software has been created for secure CCTV HDD and SD card data recovery. Having secure data recovery is important for business owners of all sorts, big or small. This feature means the difference between having great data recovery and failed data recovery.

You can try DVR Recovery™ as free software in the trial version.

If you’re looking for the best DVR deleted data recovery, DiskInternals data recovery tool has you covered.

Digital Forensics

DVR Recovery™ is the best tool when it comes to digital forensics.

It has a slew of inbuilt features that provide a lot of information about the video, files, and data to be recovered. It helps in determining important factors that help with digital forensics. With this software, you can easily evaluate sources and metadata, while filling in all the legal details that are required by the police or other forensics departments.

Get the best digital forensics software on the market!

Features of DVR Recovery Software

Works With Inaccessible Video

DiskInternals recovery software will help you retrieve inaccessible and corrupted video, making it easy to recover deleted videos.

Process Supervisor

Multitask without problems with DVR Recovery™. You can queue up more than one export and view more than one preview at the same time. Also, you can start reviewing video while the scan is ongoing.

Multiple Codecs

You can export playable AVIs and the original files. As a bonus, you can save time by doing it all in one export.

Built-in Player

With DVR Recovery™ you don't need any DVR players. DiskInternals software has a built-in player and you can view the original video before exporting.

Work Report

You don't need to spend a lot of time taking notes of every clip you export. DVR Recovery™ does configurable and specific reports.


With DVR Recovery™, you can overlay crucial metadata, such as channel and date/time. At some point in the preview, you can effortlessly expand to a timeline of events. If DVR time is set incorrectly, DiskInternals software overlays metadata and displays the corrected timestamp.

Works With Recorded Audio

Looking to get back lost audio evidence? On supported structures, DVR Recovery™ can help to get back recorded audio from the DVR.

No Hard Force Need

If there is a difficulty with accessing the DVR (or forensic picture) directly, don't try to use hard force! It will damage your data. The best way is to use DVR Recovery™. It can discover lost video smoothly without any damage and get the video back drastically quicker than by manually exporting clips from the DVR itself.

Supported Systems

File systems:

Dahua DHFS (reader), HikVision (uneraser, reader), NTFS (reader), FAT (reader), Ext2/3/4, UFS, HFS, ReiserFS, Reiser4 (all as reader), RomFS (reader), ReFS (reader), RAID 0, 1, 1e, 4, 5, 5r, 5ee, 50, 50r, 10, 01, JBOD, LDM (win), Linux, Apple, vmdk (vmware), vhd, vhdx, vdi (VirtualBox), hds (Parallels), di_sparse, DHFS4.1

Supported Export:

  • Save to file
  • Upload to FTP
  • Mount to System (to letter)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 🔷 How do I recover deleted DVR recordings?
    The best way is to use good recovery software such as DiskInternal DVR Recovery™. It has built-in DVR recording recovery options. If you’re facing any sort of file deletion problems and want data recovery, running the software and going through the wizard will take you through the recovery process, where you can recoup your lost data.
  • 🔶 How do I retrieve deleted CCTV footage?
    Recovering CCTV footage is hard to do yourself. But with DiskInternals DVR Recovery™, you no longer need professional help to recover deleted CCTV footage. All you need to do is to run the software and follow the wizard through the recovery process. It’s easy to follow, simple to do and efficient.
  • 🔷 Can you recover overwritten DVR/CCTV data?
    Unfortunately, you cannot recover overwritten data. If data has already been replaced with different data, the previously stored data will be lost and cannot be recovered. If, however, you have backups, that can help you recover the lost data.
  • 🔶 Can you retrieve deleted DVR recordings?
    Yes! If the recordings are relatively new and are not overwritten, you can easily recover DVR recordings without any problem.
  • 🔷 How do I recover deleted files from DVR/CCTV?
    Follow the recovery process for DiskInternals DVR Recovery™ and go through it step-by-step.
  • 🔶 What is an overwritten DVR/CCTV file?
    When you delete a file, the file isn’t actually lost; the space it takes is now open for other files to be written on. This means that when you delete a file, the hard drive can overwrite the data that was previously there. This is called an overwritten file and they are usually unrecoverable.
  • 🔷 What if my DVR storage model is not supported with DVR Recovery?
    Contact DiskInternals' support. We will try to add your DVR storage to our support list.

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